28 Oct

GraceAnn, CPDT-KSA and Miki, CPDT-KA!!!

We are incredibly proud of GraceAnn and Miki for their outstanding achievements. GraceAnn’s CPDT-KSA and Miki’s CPDT-KA certifications are significant achievements for them personally and for MuttSchool as a whole. Their dedication and hard work have truly paid off, and these certifications are a testament to their expertise and commitment to the art of dog training.

Their certifications also highlight MuttSchool’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing the best dog training services in the industry. Congratulations to both of them for these remarkable accomplishments!

But, what do all those letters (CPDT-KSA and CPDT-KA) mean to you?
They offer you peace of mind.

The dog training industry is unregulated, lacking licensing requirements or regulatory oversight, leaving pet owners in a quandary when seeking trustworthy training for their dogs. At MuttSchool, we recognize the importance of bringing a sense of accountability and professionalism to this field. This is precisely why we place such high value on certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. A CPDT certification provides a vital means to distinguish our staff and dog training professionals in general, ensuring that their education, experience, knowledge, and skills have all endured rigorous, standardized testing. This commitment to excellence is our way of giving pet owners peace of mind, knowing that their four-legged companions are in the most capable and caring hands.

CPDT-KSA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge AND SKILLS Assessed)

The CPDT-KSA certification is a mark of excellence in the dog training industry. It is awarded by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) to individuals who have demonstrated a deep understanding of dog behavior, training methods, and the skills needed to effectively work with dogs and their owners. Candidates seeking this certification must have previously passed the CPDT-KA exam. They must pledge to adhere to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) training methods. To earn the CPDT-KSA, candidates must successfully pass a multi-part, comprehensive video examination that assesses their theoretical knowledge, while evaluating their practical training and teaching skills, the use of training equipment and the application of modalities.

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed)

Similarly, the CPDT-KA certification is also a significant achievement. Also granted by the CCPDT, certificants have passed a rigorous standardized examination measuring a broad range of knowledge in ethology, learning theory, dog training techniques, and instruction. Candidates seeking this certification are required to fulfill specific training requirements within the past three years, ensuring they have acquired sufficient hands-on experience. Those who hold this certification have demonstrated their expertise in understanding the science and theory behind dog training, as well as their commitment to using LIMA humane and effective training methods.

If you are shopping for dog trainers, those letters can give you:

  1. Assurance of Expertise: CPDT-KSA and CPDT-KA certifications signify a trainer’s deep understanding of dog behavior and training methods, providing you with peace of mind that you and your dog are in capable hands.
  2. Commitment to Ethical Practices: These certifications ensure that the trainer adheres to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) principle, prioritizing humane and effective training techniques.
  3. High-Quality Training Services: With certified trainers, you can expect a higher standard of training services that are built on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.
  4. Professional Accountability: These certifications require recertification every three years, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to staying updated and maintaining expertise in the field.
  5. Improved Outcomes for Your Dog: Certified trainers are more likely to achieve better results, enhancing the training experience for your canine companion.
  6. Continual Growth and Learning: Certified trainers actively pursue continuing education, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry advancements.
  7. A Better Relationship with Your Pet: Training from certified professionals can help foster a deeper, more harmonious connection between you and your dog.
  8. Lasting Benefits: The knowledge and skills imparted by certified trainers can positively impact your dog’s behavior and well-being for years to come.
  9. Confidence in Your Choice: Knowing your trainer is certified offers confidence that you’ve made a wise decision in your search for a dog training professional, providing you with peace of mind throughout the training process.

MuttSchool’s Commitment to Excellence

At MuttSchool, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our commitment to excellence has always been unwavering, and GraceAnn’s CPDT-KSA and Miki’s CPDT-KA certifications further cement our dedication to providing the best training for dogs and their owners.

MuttSchool currently boasts three active CPDT-KSAs and one CPDT-KA on our team. This is a remarkable achievement that sets us apart in the field of dog training. Very few dog training facilities nationwide can claim such a high number of certified professionals, and this fact highlights our dedication to maintaining high industry standards.

Why These Achievements Matter

These certifications are not just pieces of paper; they represent an extensive investment in knowledge, skills, and ethical practices. When you choose MuttSchool for your dog training needs, you can be confident that you’re working with individuals who are at the top of their field. Our team doesn’t just train dogs; they understand them, empathize with their needs, and work diligently to achieve lasting results that improve the lives of both dogs and their owners.

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