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Don't let waiting for a class start date hold you and your dog back from starting a training class.

At MuttSchool, there’s no waiting for a series of group classes to begin! Our puppy and grades 1-3 are open enrollment classes. This means you can join a group class as soon as you sign up.

Select your start date and class time. Successfully participate in all six consecutive weeks of class to earn a special graduation ribbon and progress to the next grade level with a 10% off coupon!

Enjoy the convenience of MuttSchool’s open enrollment classes – enroll today and start your dog’s training journey!

Experience the joy of having a well-trained, happy, and confident dog by your side.

MuttSchool’s group classes are not just about training sit and down (although we do that, too!). Our group classes provide you with valuable dog training techniques that you can use outside of the classroom to train your dog to be polite—at home and in public. The end result? You can enjoy having a confident, well-mannered and happy canine.

With a curriculum designed to cater to both your dog’s needs and your own busy schedule, our 6-week open enrollment program is the perfect opportunity to unlock your dog’s potential with the flexibility to pick your own start date. Discover the benefits that set our classes apart and make us your top choice for comprehensive dog training.

1. Expertise That Makes a Difference:

At MuttSchool, we have a team of educated, certified trainers who understand canine behavior and training methodologies. We use treats, praise and play to reinforce desired behaviors and focus on catching and rewarding good behaviors. We use games to make training fun. This encourages dogs to repeat the actions we are wanting them to do. Our goal is to create an environment where both you and your dog can gain new skills while having fun together.

2. Tailored Curriculum for Comprehensive Learning:

Our 6-week curriculum per grade level is carefully crafted to cover a wide range of essential skills and behaviors. From the essential eight basic skills (sit, down, wait, stay, come, touch, walk nicely on a leash, and go to place) to more advanced tricks, your dog will gain the skills they need to be a well-mannered and confident companion. We prioritize not only obedience but also teaching fundamental life behaviors which form the building blocks for all interactions with your dog. We teach dogs how to learn and problem-solve on their own, as well as teaching your dog general concepts such as impulse control, focus and how find “calm”.

3. Value That Goes Beyond the Classroom:

As your dog absorbs new skills, you’ll witness their growth into a well-adjusted and confident companion. Imagine the joy of having a dog who listens attentively, behaves harmoniously with others, and navigates various situations with ease. Whether it’s greeting new friends at the park, accompanying you on outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying peaceful moments at home, the skills learned at MuttSchool empower your dog to thrive in every context.

Our trainers are dedicated to ensuring that these skills become second nature to your dog. We instill a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime. The education your dog receives at MuttSchool goes beyond teaching obedience; it enhances both of your lives in countless ways.

4. Ongoing Support:

Our dedication to your dog’s progress continues beyond graduation. We have 3 levels of foundation group classes plus Prep School to work on advanced training in public settings. MuttSchool offers a variety of additional services, including private lessons, TutorTrain, DaySchool, and Discovery Dogs (dog sports), ensuring a continuous learning path for your dog that nurtures a lifetime of growth and success.

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first grade5
Acquisition of skills

First Grade


In addition to training behaviors like sit, down, stand and walking nicely on leash, First Grade teaches your dog how much fun it can be to work for you as we lay the foundation to learning more advanced training skills. In First Grade, we focus on establishing lines of communication between you and your dog. You will learn about dog body language and how to change challenging behaviors that are happening at home. You may be surprised at how readily your dog will want to learn new things.

Prerequisite: Evaluation or Instructor permission to enroll.

6 weeks of group class
  • Open enrollment — begin training as soon as you enroll.
  • Free “Clicker”.
  • Free online orientation workbook.
  • Access to our online library for your grade level
  • Attend 6 consecutive weeks of classes to earn a ribbon and 10% off the next grade level.
  • There are no makeups or refunds for missed classes.
Developing precision

Second Grade


In Second Grade, you and your dog will build on the skills you learned in first grade. We will be introducing training exercises that are more challenging and useful in the real world. As we continue to establish better lines of communication with our dog, we will also be working on solving challenging behaviors that are happening at home. In Second Grade, our focus is establishing manners so you have a better behaved dog both at home and away.

Prerequisite: First Grade

6 weeks of group class
  • Open enrollment — begin training as soon as you enroll.
  • Access to our online library for your grade level
  • Attend 6 consecutive weeks of classes to earn a ribbon and 10% off the next grade level.
  • There are no makeups or refunds for missed classes.
Untitled Project-8
Adding the 3Ds—distance, duration and distractions

Third Grade


Now that you’ve established a solid foundation, the skills your dog learned in the previous two classes will really start to shine in Third Grade! At this level, we’ll start reinforcing behavior reliability, adding the 3Ds (distance, duration and distractions), plus training more complex behaviors. After you complete Third Grade you will be eligible to test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Prerequisite: Second grade

6 weeks of group class
  • Open enrollment — begin training as soon as you enroll.
  • Access to our online library for your grade level
  • Attend 6 consecutive weeks of classes to earn a ribbon and 10% off the next grade level.
  • There are no makeups or refunds for missed classes.
Prep School
Proofing behaviors

Prep School


Prep School presents a unique chance for you to enhance your dog’s obedience skills amidst the hustle and bustle of public spaces. This comprehensive 6-week program is specially designed for dogs getting ready to conquer the AKC CGCA and CGCU tests, therapy dog or service dog tests, while also focusing on achieving various advanced training objectives. You may enroll your dog in this class as often as necessary to achieve your desired training goals.

Prerequisite: Dogs must have earned their CGC and completed third grade at MuttSchool to enroll in this class. 

6 weeks LINEAR group class
  • 6-week LINEAR class with a designated start and end date.
  • Repeat this class as many times as you need to complete the AKC CGC-A, CGC-U, or other advanced training goals.
  • The first class in the series is held at MuttSchool.
  • The following classes are held at different locations each week to work around everyday distractions in public settings.
  • Attend all 6 consecutive weeks of classes to earn a ribbon and 10% off the next grade level.
  • Access to our online library for your grade level
  • There are no makeups or refunds for missed classes.

Canine Good Citizen


Join our AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU and Trick Dog group testing sessions, held every six weeks, to put your dog’s training to the ultimate test. These assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s skills and behavior in real-world situations. Whether you’re aiming for the Canine Good Citizen, Advanced CGC, Urban CGC or Trick Dog title, our testing environment offers the perfect opportunity for your dog to showcase their abilities. To secure your spot, remember to preschedule ahead of time, ensuring you and your dog have the chance to shine during our upcoming testing session. To offer the test, we need to have a minimum of 4 participants signed up.

We also offer testing as a private lesson. Your trainer will arrange the “crowd” and other dogs for you to test with. Schedule a foundation private lesson and, please, let your MuttSchool trainer know a week prior to your lesson so we can make all of the arrangements.

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed third grade at MuttSchool to enroll in these tests.

for CGC, CGCA, CGCU and Trick Dog
  • Location: Weather permitting, the test will be held outside of the MuttSchool facility, providing a more realistic environment to assess your dog’s skills in an unfamiliar public setting.
  • Supportive Role: While you’re not testing, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to play the role of the “crowd” for others undergoing testing. They will do the same for you.
  • Dog Accommodation: Please bring a kennel for your dog, ensuring they have a comfortable and secure space while you are helping with the testing of other dogs.
  • Equipment Rules: To ensure a fair and standardized evaluation, specific rules for equipment are in place:
    • All tests must be performed on leash.
    • Dogs should wear well-fitting buckle or slip collar made of leather or fabric. This includes martingales.
    • Body harnesses are permissible for the CGC test, provided they don’t restrict the dog’s movement.
    • Special training equipment such as pinch collars, electronic collars, and head collars are not allowed.
    • The leash should be made of leather or fabric.
    • Retractable leashes are not permitted for the CGC test.
  • Food and Treats: Handlers are not permitted to use food as a reward during the CGC Test.
  • Aggression: Any dog displaying indications of aggression—whether it’s biting, snapping, growling, lunging, or an attempt to attack a dog or person, is not demonstrating the qualities of a good citizen and will be immediately dismissed from the test.
  • Rulebook and test items can be found at:
    AKC CGC. •  CGC-A.  •  CGC-U  •  Trick Dog

Training Tips

from MuttSchool Magazine
Is it safe to bring a young puppy to a group class?
Is it safe to bring a young puppy to a group class?

Veterinarians specializing in behavior recommend that owners take advantage of every safe opportunity to expose young puppies to the great variety of stimuli that they will experience in their lives. Enrolling in puppy classes prior to three months of age can be an excellent means of improving training, strengthening the human-animal bond, and socializing puppies in an environment where risk of illness can be minimized.

A Guide to Socializing Your Puppy
A Guide to Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy is an investment in their future well-being and happiness. The effort you put into providing positive experiences during their early developmental stages will shape their behavior and outlook on the world. Remember that every puppy is unique, so tailor the socialization process to their individual needs and comfort level. With patience, consistency, and a lot of love, you'll be well on your way to raising a confident, well-adjusted canine companion who is ready to embrace the world alongside you.